During a special set of events ahead of Earth Day, Engineers Ireland have today unveiled a new, exciting opportunity to their 25,000+ members – Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) professional registration.

The announcement comes ahead of World Earth Day and Ireland’s Overshoot Day, the day when human consumption outstrips nature’s resource budget for the entire year if everyone in the world lived like the Irish population.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Engineers Ireland are the first professional body based outside of the UK to offer CEnv registration to members. They join a collective of 25 professional bodies offering CEnv registration to members all over the world – with 15% of registrants being based outside of the UK already.

Dr Emma Wilcox CEnv, Chief Executive of the Society for the Environment, said “We see environmental professionalism as the vital component in our efforts to build a sustainable future. A workforce with proven, up to date environmental competence, commitment and overall professionalism must be in place across all sectors globally. The engineering community is major part of this, and we encourage current and future Engineers Ireland members to lead the way.

Welcoming the first professional body to our SocEnv family with their HQ outside of the UK is hugely positive. Environmental challenges do not stop at geographical borders. We look forward to broadening our Chartered Environmentalist community and facilitating further professional connections to address the challenges we face and turn opportunities into meaningful results.”

CEnv registration is the internationally recognised gold standard accreditation of environmental competence, commitment and professionalism. Its cross-disciplinary format serves to reflect the scope of sustainability – from engineering to agriculture, ecology to waste management. Professionals in every sector can showcase their knowledge and experience, encouraging positive, well-informed, trusted action in all professions.

It’s time to lead the way.

To become a Chartered Environmentalist with Engineers Ireland, applicants must first be a Chartered Engineer and must be able to demonstrate:

  • application of knowledge and understanding of the environment to further the aims of sustainability;
  • leadership in sustainable management of the environment;
  • effective communication and interpersonal skills; and
  • a personal commitment to professional standards, recognising obligations to society, the profession, and the environment.

To find out more about obtaining CEnv registration via Engineers Ireland, visit: engineersireland.ie/Professionals/Membership/Registered-professional-titles/Chartered-Environmentalist

Engineers Ireland join 24 other professional bodies offering CEnv registration to their members, including IWater. To find out more, visit:  socenv.org.uk/our-licensed-members

Winners Revealed at Inspiring SocEnv Awards Event

Annual awards ceremony marks a celebration of the achievements of the environmental professional community – including announcing the winners of the 2022 SocEnv Awards.

The ceremony also saw Founder of Ecotricity Dale Vince OBE recognised for his outstanding services to the environment.

More than 7,500 environmental professionals meet the required standards to highlight their environmental and sustainability expertise as a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv), Registered Environmental Practitioner (REnvP) or Registered Environmental Technician (REnvTech), but some warrant further recognition for going above and beyond and are commended via the SocEnv Awards. The winners of the 2022 Awards were announced earlier today (8 June) via a free virtual event.

The Environmental Professional of the Year award is designed to highlight those who have truly excelled in the last year, going above and beyond to make a difference in the cause of environmental protection.

After much deliberation within the judging panel, the 2022 Environmental Professional of the Year award was awarded as follows:

2022 Environmental Professional of the Year Winner

Becky Toal CEnv

Managing Director, Crowberry Consulting Ltd

Registered via the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA)

In judging Becky to be the winner of this prestigious award, the judging panel noted her clear knowledge and leadership, excellent communication skills, and infectious passion for protecting the environment. Setting up and leading her own business Crowberry Consulting Ltd since 2006, in this time she has supported swathes of UK and EU based businesses to become more sustainable by implementing ISO environmental management systems, delivering innovative training courses, and giving back to a profession that has given her so much, by coaching and mentoring early career professionals. A career highlight was achieved in 2021, as Becky was appointed – in partnership with Arup – as Lead Sustainability Consultant of both G7 and COP26, with her work duly recognised as the events were awarded the ISO 20121 standard. All of this and more shows Becky as someone truly going above and beyond to protect the environment – and a worthy winner of the 2022 Environmental Professional of the Year award.

The Registrant Newcomer of the Year award also showcases outstanding environmental work but is specifically available to those who have achieved their registration on or after the 1st January 2021; shining a light on those who have really hit the ground running since becoming a REnvP, REnvTech or CEnv.

This award category was also hotly contested, with some exceptional nominations received. The winner for this award was awarded as follows:

2022 Registrant Newcomer of the Year Winner

Paul Field CEnv

Environmental & Compliance (ESG) Manager, Janus International Europe Ltd

Registered via the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA)

As with Becky, the judging panel were hugely impressed with Paul’s nomination. In particular, they commended his determination, broad experience and strong commitment to learning and the upholding of professional standards. The judging panel remarked on his ‘full circle’ journey from working in fossil fuel extraction – firstly as a coal miner and then within the automobile sector – to becoming a Chartered Environmentalist and excelling in his role as Environmental & Compliance (ESG) Manager at Janus International Europe Ltd – a global company working in sustainable self-storage solutions. Particularly standout was the clear impact of Paul’s work since the start of 2021, guiding Janus towards its goal to be Net Zero by 2040 – implementing environmental management systems and developing a sustainability roadmap. As a result of his many achievements, Paul is without doubt a well-deserving winner of the 2022 Registrant Newcomer of the Year award.

The results event also saw another leading figure in the environmental profession awarded as a Honorary Fellow of the Society for the Environment (HonFSE), recognised for their service to the environment. They are as follows:

Newly Awarded Honorary Fellow of the Society for the Environment

Dale Vince OBE HonFSE

Founder, Ecotricity

Adding to the celebration, the event also saw last year’s HonFSE recipient Professor Ian Barker HonFSE CEnv deliver a topical lecture on the vital role environmental professionals play in protecting our planet, and delegates heard from several leading Chartered Environmentalists on what this year’s World Environment Day theme ‘Only One Earth’ means to them.

Dr Emma Wilcox CEnv, SocEnv Chief Executive, comments: “Huge congratulations to all those honoured during this year’s awards and lecture event. We know the amazing work carried out by more than 7,500 registered environmental professionals around the world, but every year it’s special to bestow those going above and beyond with further special recognition. I’m already looking forward to next year’s event and showcasing the continued achievements of the environmental professional community.”