Our Publications

Our publications are part of our commitment to supporting our members’ continuous professional development.  Insightful and informative, our publications offer a wide range of sector features, thought leadership and learning.  

Institute of Water Magazine

We publish a quarterly magazine that gives IWater members unparalleled opportunities to increase their knowledge of the UK water sector.


Our members are also encouraged to contribute editorials as part of their own CPD. We invite project case studies, new initiatives, or opinion pieces that help our wider membership to learn and unleash their full potential.



We aim for the Magazine to bring together content from Water Companies, Regulators, Consultants, Contractors, and Suppliers to inform and share knowledge and good practice across our sector.

Institute of Water Journal

Published twice a year, our peer-reviewed, technical journal contains papers and case studies from authors including regulators, academics and their students, water company personnel, and supply chain organisations.


Authors are encouraged to consider carefully how readers may be able to readily apply what they have learned from each paper to their role in the water industry, in alignment with our commitment to supporting CPD.

There is some world-leading research and innovative work taking place within water companies, regulators, the supply chain and our academic partners.


We invite papers and case studies from authors, regulators, academics (including students), water company personnel, supply chain organisations, consultants, and others across the relevant fields. 

What our members say about our Publications:

“One of my favourite things about our Institute is the Magazine. It keeps me in touch with people and developments in the industry beyond my usual boundaries”.


Matthew Bower, Operations Team Leader, Drinking Water Quality Regulator, Scottish Government

Contact Us

We deliver our quarterly Magazine and biannual Journal through our Publisher, Martin Jameson at JimJam Media Ltd.


To contact us regarding the Magazine or Journal you can get in touch with Martin via 07342 850289 or martin@instituteofwater.org.uk 


If you are not a member of the Institute of Water but still wish to receive our Magazine, you can subscribe and have it delivered to you. The price to subscribe in the UK is £60 and if you live overseas, the price is £100.