Professional Development

Professional Development

The Institute of Water offers Members various avenues for professional development.


Whether you are new to the sector, or have extensive industry experience, professional development will add value to your career.


Explore the different avenues you can use as an IWater member.



The Institute of Water is committed to championing excellence and innovation within the water sector. We run a portfolio of awards, celebrating the achievements of our members as well as the wider sector, both nationally and regionally.


CPD is Continuing Professional Development and it’s how we make sure our skills and capabilities keep pace as our careers grow.

Through IWater, members have access to a user-friendly CPD platform. Simply log in to your online membership portal and select ‘My CPD’.



The Institute of Water Mentoring Programme is an initiative which aims to unlock potential, support career goals and develop talent in the water industry. We support our members by offering those who are looking to gain additional knowledge or advice the opportunity to learn about a new area of the water industry, apply for professional accreditation or to simply acquire guidance on building and enhancing their career.

Professional Registration


The Institute of Water offers Professional Registrations in Engineering, Environment, and Science. IWater provides you with the support and guidance you need throughout the Professional Registration process, and we are with you every step of the way. Professional Registration demonstrates your commitment to professional development and highlights your technical expertise in a subject area.

Rising Stars Programme


The Institute of Water is dedicated to supporting the careers of people working in the UK water utility sector and the Rising Stars programme is a key feature of our ongoing work to nurture rising talent in the water sector.

UK Water Industry Course


The Introduction to UK Water Industry course has been designed to help anyone working with or in the water sector gain a detailed understanding of all aspects of the water cycle and the management and delivery of this essential service. It will give delegates the information they need to develop their careers and to better understand the interaction and impact the various stakeholders have on the water sector.

Women’s Network


Founded by Institute of Water members and employees who have built successful careers in the water sector, the Women’s Network was set up to create a community that inspires and uplifts in order to support and retain women’s careers in the water sector.

Young Persons’ Network


Many young people involved in a professional body can find the experience quite daunting. Our purpose is to help you navigate the various opportunities available to you and introduce you to a network that will support you through your professional development. Whether you want to get professionally registered, gain industry knowledge or just meet other young people in the industry, the YPN is the right place for you to start getting involved.