Midlands Area Committee

Welcome to the Midlands Area of the Institute of Water!

Midlands Area

The Midlands Area committee welcomes members from across the West Midlands. We’ve got a good base of members from across our regional water companies, Severn Trent Water and South Staffordshire Water.


We strive to be a diverse committee with members from different working backgrounds – water companies, supply chains and third party contractors, with experience ranging from regulation to technical.

Key Yearly Events

Now that we’re able to get out and meet again, post-pandemic, we’d like to bring our experience to creating fun and interesting events. Our key yearly events include:


  • President’s Party
  • Strategy Committee Weekend
  • Yearly Meet and Greet
  • Development Day



To ensure we reach as many members as possible we also hold a range of other events, from social evenings to technical site visits and everything in between. For more details on our upcoming events, see our events page.


If you’d like advice about the Institute of Water or the Midlands Area, please contact one of the committee members. We’re a very friendly group.

Committee Members

Stuart Moss

Position: President

Company: Isle Utilities

Evan Joanette

Position: Area Chair

Company: MOSL

Kelly Wainwright

Position: Area Secretary

Company: Severn Trent

Nicky Fomes

Position: Area Representative

Company: Navigate Infrastructure Consulting

Alisha Syal

Position: Area YPN Lead

Company: Isle Utilities

Hossein Rezaei

Position: Events and DEI Lead

Company: OTA Water

Mia Tarrant

Position: Rising Star 2023

Company: Severn Trent

Natalie Akroyd

Position: Treasurer and Sponsorship Coordinator

Company: South Staffs Water

Tim Parkinson

Position: Committee Member

Company: Tim Parkinson Ltd

Stephen Woodhams

Position: Committee Member

Company: South Staffs Water

Rose Jolly

Position: Committee Member

Company: Severn Trent

Natalia Jawiarczyk

Position: Committee Member

Company: Isle Utilities

Manbir Thandi

Position: Committee Member

Company: DWF Law LLP