Eastern Area

Welcome to the Eastern Area of the Institute of Water!

Eastern Area

The area covers Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Essex, and Suffolk, with the bulk of membership from Anglian Water, Cambridge Water, Essex, and Suffolk Water and associated supply chains. 


We currently have the largest number of members and cater to all with a varied events programme – highlights include the Innovation and President’s Days; we are dedicated to members’ professional development with a number of Professional Registration Events and CPD workshops. 


Our Committee is Award winning! We have CPD Award winners, Committee Members of the year, we have won the President’s Cup on several occasions and Anglian Water’s CEO, Peter Simpson, won the Allen Bolton Award in 2019 for his work with the IWater.


We’re friendly, open and we encourage people to get involved. If you have any ideas for events or just want to chat about all things IWater, contact us via EasternArea@instituteofwater.org.uk 

Eastern Area Innovation Awards 2023


The Eastern Area Innovation Awards are back!


Have you been involved in innovation over the last year which deserves recognition? If so, we want to hear from you! If you are an individual, a team, or an organisation working within the Eastern Area of the Institute of Water and have an innovation you want to share then let us know about it!

Eastern Area Annual Conference Competition

If you are an Eastern Area member, then you could win a place at the Annual Conference in 2024!


The successful applicant will win tickets to the 2 day Conference, Social Night, National President’s Dinner and Awards Evening as well as accommodation for the duration of the event. Travel and additional expenses are not included.


The winner will be asked to write an article for the Eastern area newsletter and magazine. Please apply by completing the dedicated form, on which the closing date is 30 April 2024.

Upcoming Eastern Area Events



Committee Members

Claire Withers


Position: Area Secretary

Company: Anglian Water

Craig Holliday


Position: Area President

Company: Northumbrian Water


Martin Bowes


Position: Committee member

Company: Anglian Water


Kara Sadler


Position: Area Chair

Company: South Staffs Water



Michelle Munden


Position: Area Treasurer

Company: Anglian Water



Madeleine Crisp


Position: Area Membership

Company: Anglian Water



Catherine Fearon


Position: Board Chair

Company: ESP Utilities Group



Nicola Johnston


Position: Area Communications Lead & CPD Champion

Company: Anglian Water


Tim Wagstaff


Position: Events planning coordinator

Company: Essex & Suffolk Water


Natalie Lamb


Position: Area Forum Rep and YPN Rep

Company: Spring Innovation



Paul Valente


Position: Committee member

Company: MBDA Missile Systems


Andy Gibbons


Position: Committee member

Company: Claret Engineering



Graham Powell


Position: Strategic Lead

Company: Semi Retired


Luke Stanbridge


Position: Vice Chair

Company: Consultant


Rose Shisler


Position: Committee member & DEI Board Champion

Company: Anglian Water


Bob Windmill


Position: Committee member

Company: Windmill Insight Solutions


Grace Wilson


Position: DEI Champion

Company: Anglian Water


Phil Norman


Position: Committee member

Company: Claret Engineering


Maria Fulluck


Position: Committee member

Company: Merit Skills


Emma Sherburn

Position: 2023 Rising Star

Company: Mott MacDonald

Michael Cape

Position: Vice President

Company:  The Clancy Group

Fionn Boyle

Position: Committee Member

Company: Anglian Water

Hannah Horan

Position: Committee Member

Company: Anglian Water

Gregory Spencer

Position: Young Persons’ Network Rep

Company: Anglian Water

Megan Bellamy

Position: Young Persons’ Network Rep

Company: Anglian Water