Scottish Area

Welcome to the Scottish Area of the Institute of Water!

Scottish Area

The Scottish Area committee represents members across the whole of Scotland, from our remote highland and island communities through our busy central belt and down to the Scottish Borders.


We believe the purpose of our committee is to make the Institute of water “alive” for our members. To this end, we pride ourselves on being a vibrant and visible committee that strives to help all members make the most of their membership. As a testament to this commitment, we were named Area Committee of the Year in 2018 and are working hard to be in contention for this award in the coming year. 


Our key yearly events include: 


President’s Dinner & Innovation Awards (April/May)
Our much-loved fishing trip (August)
Autumn Seminar (October/November) 


In addition, to ensure we reach as many members as possible we hold virtual sessions throughout the year and a range of other events, from social evenings to technical site visits and everything in between. For more detail on our upcoming events, see our current events through the filter below. We always welcome any queries or feedback you may have, so please contact us at 

Upcoming Scottish Area Events


Committee Members

Scott McCrae


Position: President

Company: McCrae Training 


Kes Juskowiak


Position: Past President 

Company: Scottish Water 


Kevin Roy


Position: Vice President 

Company: Scottish Water 


James Sommerville


Position: Chair

Company: Ross-Shire Engineering 


Scott Kerr


Position: Treasurer

Company: Ipsum


Michelle Calder


Position: Secretary

Company: Scottish Water


Vivienne Dell


Position: Area Forum Rep

Company: Scottish Water


Lisa McKenzie


Position: Professional Registration Lead 

Company: Copperleaf



Kirstin Watt


Position: Publicity Co-Ordinator 

Company: Scottish Water 



Rachel Picken


Position: Events & Membership Co-ordinator

Company: Scottish Water 


Kevin Mooney


Position: DEI Champion

Company: Scottish Water 


Abbie Mowat


Position: Committee Member

Company: Scottish Water 



Anna Figueras Carril


Position: Committee Member 

Company: Scottish Water 



Drew Mackie


Position: Committee Member 

Company: Morrison Construction 


Rebecca Skuce


Position: Young Persons’ Network Rep 

Company: Scottish Water 


Mark Wilson


Position: Committee Member 

Company: Veolia

Kathy Irvine

Position: Sponsorship Lead

Company: Scottish Water