Benjamin Tam - Board Member

Benjamin Tam – Board Member

CEO, Isle Utilities

Ben is the CEO of Isle Utilities in the UK. He is a water sector professional with a background in science and innovation. Starting with a PhD in biochemistry he worked at Anglian Water, fulfilling a variety of operational and technical roles in water and water networks. Whilst at Anglian Water, he became a Chartered Scientist. At Isle, Ben has a focus on strategic consultancy projects water utilities to develop innovation plans and overcome the difficulty in implementing innovative ideas and technologies. Ben supports international projects and has led on a long-term project in Sub-Saharan Africa to accelerate the adoption of new technologies by utilities and as a result, has built up experience and networks across multiple countries. This international experience has also included a long involvement with IWA and supporting the delivery of the innovation pavilions at the Congress.

Ben has been a member of the Eastern Area Committee since 2010 and a recent past chair. He joins the IWater Board to represent the IWA and chairs the IWA UK committee. He believes there is a huge opportunity to do more in collaboration and leverage the water professional and academic communities both in the UK and internationally.