Utility Week Live reveal the technologies that are changing your world

Utility Week Live reveal the technologies that are changing your world. The UK’s utilities event, taking place May 2018, have revealed the results of an exclusive asking utilities professionals: what technologies are disrupting your business at the moment?

Embracing the digital world is critical. This means investment in digital technologies, which will underpin data-enabled smart services and the intelligent infrastructure. Digital disruption of utilities, if embraced effectively, will allow utilities to meet customer demands, appease regulators, overcome environmental challenges and remain relevant. Here’s our exclusive list of the 10 key disruptive technologies, as selected by UK utilities professionals.

1, Energy storage

Lithium ion batteries remain the technology of choice for most battery storage applications, but flow batteries and compressed air are fighting to prove their worth.

2, Electric vehicles

The number of models available to consumers has proliferated, with government committed to phasing out petrol and diesel vehicles from 2040.

3, Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Some network control systems now use AI to deliver autonomous network optimisation, and workforce development professionals are increasingly eyeing its potential.

4, Smart meters

To date, almost 9 million smart meters have been deployed across the UK, a fraction of the total rollout challenge.

5, Data analytics

With more information than ever before flowing from smart meters, the information is there for the taking.

6, Internet of things (IoT)

The proliferation of embedded intelligence within everyday devices– and their ability to interact via the internet – is driving a revolution in business models.

7, Renewable energy advances

The time when renewables will provide most of our electric energy supply is fast approaching.

8, Blockchain

Blockchain is the ultimate accompaniment to the rise of distributed energy resources, offering to enable peer-to-peer trading of energy between prosumers.

9, Water re-use technologies

Water re-use boosts water resilience at a local level and could be the key to easing pressure on the country’s overstretched water resources.

10, Hydrogen

Hydrogen is a potential answer to decarbonising heat. When burned, hydrogen is zero carbon at the point of use, with only two by-products – heat and water – making it the ultimate clean fuel.

Free Utility Week Live 2018 tickets, which this year is taking a deep dive into digital disruption and the opportunities created by disruptive tech and new highly disruptive business models, are available right now HERE.



Helena Larion, Marketing Administrator, Utility Week Live
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