January is Mentoring Month

Did you know that January is Mentoring Month? The Institute of Water Mentoring Programme is an initiative which aims to unlock potential, support career goals and develop talent in the water industry. We support our members by offering those who are looking to gain additional knowledge or advice the opportunity to learn about a new area of the water industry, apply for professional accreditation or to simply acquire guidance on building and enhancing their career.

Throughout January we will be bringing you weekly email updates featuring some of our fantastic mentors and mentees as well as information on how to sign up and become a mentor or mentee yourself.

To kick things off we would like to introduce you to Anthony Lewis. Anthony has found that the experience of having a mentor has helped to motivate and support him through his professional registration application process.


Anthony Lewis

Age: 31

Job Title: Hydraulic Modeller

Company: Atkins Global

Length of time in the water industry: 6 Years

Status: Mentee in a mentoring partnership

Why did you Sign up to the Mentoring Platform and what do you hope to achieve from the experience? 

I signed up because a weakness of mine is that I struggle with self-motivation and thought that if I had someone that I could set targets with, it may help me motivate myself to get chartered a little quicker than I would have doing it alone. Having someone that has already been through the chartership process is priceless and you learn a lot from the feedback mentors give you. Having the support there if/when you need it is fantastic.

How have you found the process so far? 

My Personal experience has been brilliant so far. Both myself and my mentor are busy with our own workloads and based in offices miles away from each other but have still been able to find time to catch up and exchange ideas. As previously mentioned, my mentor, Bamijii has been through the chartership process himself so he is able to pass a lot of information forward with regards to how best to sell myself and my experience to suit the chartership route I’ve chosen.


Feeling inspired? CLICK HERE to find out more about becoming a mentor or a mentee and sign up to our online mentoring programme.

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