One year to go: Institute of Water’s 80th Anniversary Celebration

In exactly one year, on May 12th, 2025, the Institute of Water (IWater) will be celebrating its 80th anniversary!

In 1945, Allen Bolton, our founder, looked for somewhere to turn for information and insight into the day to day operations of a water undertaking. None of the professional bodies at that time catered to his needs, so he set about creating his own.

For the past eight decades, we have stood in support of developing the UK water sector workforce. This milestone represents not just our longevity, but the commitment and dedication of each and every one of our members, past and present.

Today, we continue to seek to better equip our members to do their day jobs, advocate for the sector and improve the environment and lives of their communities. With a membership comprising from across the UK water sector with diverse and wide-ranging skills and disciplinary backgrounds, we foster collaboration and development for all working in and around water.

Our mission has evolved and our services have grown significantly in 80 years. Through our extensive network of events, registrations, awards and publications, we empower our members to stay ahead of industry trends, navigate challenges, and seize opportunities for growth and improvement.

As we celebrate our 80th anniversary, we reaffirm our commitment to our members and the sector, inspiring the next generation of water leaders. We want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all who have been a part of this incredible journey. Your passion, expertise, and unwavering support have been instrumental in shaping the IWater into the family it is today. 

We have some exciting plans in store to commemorate this special occasion, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

To learn more about our history in the meantime, please visit:

Here’s to 80 years of IWater, and many more to come!

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