Tim Bowen leads pipeline infrastructure business Aquam

MANCHESTER, UK: Global pipeline infrastructure specialist Aquam Corporation has announced the appointment of Tim Bowen as Managing Director for the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Bowen brings decades of infrastructure project experience to Aquam at a key moment as the company expands its geographical reach with technologies for surveying, maintaining and restoring vital water and gas assets.


Prior to joining Aquam, Bowen served as the Executive Director of Corporate Development for engineering contractor Costain, where he was responsible for cross-sector group strategy including mergers and acquisitions, tendering, corporate social responsibility, health and safety, marketing and innovation.


During his time at Costain, Bowen grew the highways sector revenues from £60 million to over £200 million in just over five years. He also served as an advisor to both HM Treasury and the Department for Transport on several strategic initiatives.


Tim Bowen said, “Urban decision-makers grapple with the challenges of ageing infrastructure on a daily basis. They often face tremendous cost and massive disruption in replacing the water, sewerage and gas pipes that lie under our streets and within our industrial and commercial facilities and our homes.


“Aquam’s global team is dedicated to designing and developing robust sustainable technologies that can be deployed safely, efficiently and with minimum disruption to property and people. I am delighted to join the company at this exciting time.”


A report released by the Consumer Council for Water this month shows the water industry in England and Wales alone lost 3.1 billion litres of drinking water every day in 2016-17. Fully replacing infrastructure on this scale is prohibitively expensive for many cities and utilities and alternative approaches are urgently needed.


Bowen will oversee the firm’s ongoing growth throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East across its key businesses, including Aquam Pipe Diagnostics (formerly JD7), a global pipeline assessment and inspection specialist; Aquam Pipe Rehabilitation an in-situ pipe cleaning and lining services provider; Nu Flow Technologies, a leader in small-diameter infrastructure lining technologies and Aquam Water Services, a leading UK company that provides critical water usage data and licensed standpipes to utilities.


Dan Squiller, Aquam’s chief executive officer said, “The addition of Tim to the leadership team brings incredible experience and a wide network of potential partners to Aquam further positioning the company to lead the UK water and infrastructure market. His strategic acumen informed by a deep knowledge of infrastructure will be a key asset as Aquam continues to grow, both in the UK and globally.


“His work on major projects including the M4 Hammersmith Flyover Refurbishment, Crossrail and the Thames Tideway Tunnel will be directly applicable to the infra-city infrastructure in which Aquam specialises.”

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