Stand Out in the Water-Sector with Your Colleagues from Around Europe!

Our Fall 2021 Group of the European Junior Water Programme (EJWP) kicks off in October.

Registration is Now Open to build professional networks, career skills, digital readiness, and more to meet challenges of a changing water sector!



Changes in water resources and technology are happening now with much more to come. As we move towards post-pandemic recovery, the water sector will be increasingly competitive, and managing new working forums will be essential for young water professionals and their organizations.

Sharp international communication and digital skills will be in demand more than ever in addressing limited water resources and climate impacts that intensified while the world was in lockdown. And professional connections you will make in EJWP can be key to opening future job opportunities and to synergies across Europe for tackling problems that are too complex to face alone.
We at the European Junior Water Programme are thrilled to launch a new group this fall to meet these challenges head on. EJWP connects young European water professionals (2 – 8 years experience, <35 years-old) with skills and capacities to co-create, implement, and manage projects in the sector. EJWP also equips participants with expertise in the latest digital communication tools for an innovative expertise that gets noticed in working spheres.
As always, our 2-year, part-time training programme is built on three pillars of development to boost the professional value of individuals and organizations in the European water sector:

  • Knowledge creation and transfer: Masterclasses on European policies, water technology and innovations — including local water projects from all of our participating organizations.
  • European networking opportunities: Participants’ integration in Water Europe and its activities, sessions with our senior-level EJWP Ambassadors from around Europe, and participation in water-sector events, both online and live.
  • Personal and professional skills development in international teams: Emphasis on cultural awareness, diversity, and communication in project exercises.

Are you ready? Contact us to explore how EJWP can accelerate careers and the impact of water-sector organizations. The future is happening. EJWP is happening! Don’t miss this opportunity to join our European water-smart community at a global turning point for the water sector!  Deadline for registration is 1 September 2021.

Find out more by joining EJWP Director, Naomi Timmer, online on 1 July for the Start of Summer Drink with EJWP: Meet & Greet EJWP community

Need more reasons? Our EJWP participants say…

“EJWP is good for the development of soft skills in a truly multicultural environment. I’ve also learnt from the on-site visits where we can see the organizations and understand how they work, and within. It’s important to understand the different roles of water professionals in the sector and in their different countries.” Rosa Esposito from Isle Utilities in Italy.

“Being in EJWP is actually an opportunity in itself through the connections that we make, because we interact with other young experts in the water sector with different perspectives. I feel that I’ve grown in my European professional capacities as a result of broader interaction in EJWP.” Loïc Charpentier from Water Europe in Belgium.

“I like to go out of my comfort zone and do things differently… A master class on water complexity made me think about how we approach complex problems and can make changes in our ways of working. This was inspirational.”  Ingrid Keupers from De Watergroep in Belgium.

“The EJWP training days can be long and really packed. We complain, but we’re happy. I’m building network connections with an interesting group of organisations participating in EJWP. I’ve also discovered how little I really knew about the EU and its policies.” Martha Bjarnar Gjermo from Aqua Alarm in Norway.




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