As well as being the Institute of Water’s President and CEO of Portsmouth Water, Bob Taylor has been a regular visitor to the series of Global Leakage Summits, chairing all six Summits since 2015.

2022 is no exception and the Summit organisers are delighted to welcome Bob back to the Summit on 5 July to chair the morning Keynote sessions.

During his chair’s introduction and keynote, Bob will introduce the conference theme on linking leakage reduction to resource management and environmental protection with a ‘twin track’ approach to water resources and demand management, expanding on the importance of protecting and sustaining the environment. Topics include:

  • A Twin-Track approach to water resource sustainability and leakage reduction
  • A Multi-Stakeholder Approach to The National Infrastructure Commission’s recommendations

During the panel discussion and Q&A session that follows, Bob will be joined by Peter Simpson, CEO, Anglian Water, to review progress on the public interest commitments (PICs) on zero leakage and net zero carbon.

The morning sessions continue with presentations on topics linked to the keynote theme:

  • Severn Trent Water’s Green Recovery Programme
  • Hydrogen and its role in network operations in a net zero future
  • Collaboration to conserve resources – the RAPID Initiative, a twin track approach
  • A coordinated research plan for leakage in the UK
  • Uncovering ‘the truth’ about background leakage

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For the first time ever all water companies in the South East, including Portsmouth Water, have come together to plan for the avoidance of future shortfalls in water supply.

Portsmouth Water customers are now being invited to view the plan and have their say.

Through Water Resources South East (WRSE), Portsmouth Water, along with other water companies in the South East, have developed an emerging regional plan. This sets out the action that could be needed to avoid a potential 1 billion litre per day shortfall in water supplies within the next 15 years.

The emerging regional plan looks at the South East as a whole and considers the future water needs of all customers, water users and the environment across the area and how they could be met.

The plan also tackles the environmental emergency facing the region’s waters. It considers how water companies could further reduce their reliance on sensitive sources, such as chalk rivers and groundwater, that could be vulnerable to climate change.

Water recycling, water transfers and dramatically reducing leakage, are just some of the solutions outlined in the plan.

Jim Barker, Head of Water Resources, Portsmouth Water, said: “The South East as a whole is under serious water stress. Ensuring that taps are kept running in the face of climate change and a growing population whilst at the same time protecting our environment, is a challenge which all water companies in the region are facing.

“By working together, we can help to address some of these challenges and ensure that everyone in the region, including Portsmouth Water customers, have the water they need both now and in the future. Now that the emerging regional plan has been published, we would like to invite Portsmouth Water customers to view the plan and have their say.”

To find out more about WRSE’s emerging regional plan and respond to the consultation visit

The consultation is open until 14 March 2022.

Responses to the consultation will be used to develop the draft regional plan produced later in 2022. The six WRSE water companies will use the draft regional plan to derive their individual draft Water Resource Management Plans that will be published in Autumn 2022.


Portsmouth Water is delighted to announce that Bob Taylor has been appointed as CEO, with effect from from 1st January 2019.

Bob joined Portsmouth Water as Engineering Director on 1 November 2018 from South West Water, where he was Operations Director, Drinking Water Services. Bob was the Managing Director of Bournemouth Water, prior to its acquisition by South West Water in 2015.

Neville Smith, Portsmouth Water’s Managing Director, will retire on 4th January 2019 after over 20 years of service with the Company, the last 7 as Managing Director. Under Neville’s leadership, Portsmouth Water has become one of the UK’s leading regulated water companies, delivering the highest levels of customer service and the lowest customer bills in the UK.

Bob will work with Helen Orton, Director of Finance and Regulation, and the senior management team to ensure that the Company continues to deliver a strong performance against its AMP6 outcomes, whilst refining its approach to delivering the stretching targets included within the recently submitted Business Plan for AMP7. This includes the initial work on the Havant Thicket Winter Storage Reservoir (“HTWSR”), which is a leading example of collaboration within the water sector in the South East of England. It will deliver much needed new resources for our neighbour, Southern Water, whilst protecting sensitive river abstractions and enabling improvements to both companies’ resilience.

Mike Kirk, Chairman, Portsmouth Water; said:
“We are delighted that we have been able to appoint Bob, who brings with him a wealth of experience in the water sector, both in the UK and internationally, stretching back over 35 years. This role brings Bob back to his roots in a Water Only Company, which is where he started his career and this experience will ensure that Portsmouth Water is able to continue to lead the industry. I and the rest of the Board are looking forward to working with Bob in his new role.

Neville retires after working with Portsmouth Water for over 20 years, initially as Financial Director and then as Managing Director for the past 7 years. I have worked with Neville for over 6 years, the last four as Chairman, and he has played a major role in defining the strong public service culture within Portsmouth Water and ensuring that we are a leading performer in the industry.

Neville’s absolute integrity has helped to instil a culture of “doing the right thing” within the Company and we will ensure that this continues to act as the framework for all that we do in the business. I and the whole Board would like to thank Neville for his service and wish him a long and happy retirement.”

Bob Taylor, CEO Elect, Portsmouth Water, said:
“I am eager and excited to be able to lead Portsmouth Water at a critical time in its development. Not only are we preparing for the most significant investment in the Company’s history – the Havant Thicket Winter Storage Reservoir, which is an integral part of our PR 19 Business Plan, but we are also refining our plans for the delivery of all other aspects of the Business Plan with the aim of further improving our performance and delivering the highest levels of service to our customers.”

Neville Smith, Managing Director, Portsmouth Water, said:
“It has been a privilege to work for Portsmouth Water and to have played a part in making Portsmouth Water the business that it is today, proving that a small company can be a leading performer in the industry. I am confident that under Bob’s leadership, Portsmouth Water will continue to thrive and respond positively to the challenges of delivering our ambitious plans for PR 19 in a cost effective and innovative manner for the benefit of our customers, our employees and our shareholders.”


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