Strategic Goals agreed in 2022

Our Goals



Our Institute is representative of the industry we serve, and we help to develop opportunities for people who haven’t been well-represented historically



We are recognised against other membership organisations as leaders.

a. We will evidence this by bench-marking against other organisations (perhaps an opportunity for an intern)

b. Seek external recognition



We leverage our position as leaders to drive forward meaningful change in the industry

Additional Actions we continue to develop 


Governance & Leadership:

  • Have a Board level Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) Champion
  • DEI is featured at all Board meetings
  • DEI is on the agenda for local Area Committee meetings at least once per year
  • Have a DEI Champion on each of our area committees
  • New activities are assessed for DEI impact


Membership :

  • Unconscious bias training is available for all members


Meetings, Conferences & Events:

  • Webinars have subtitle/transcript capabilities
  • All event invites mention DEI specific to that event
  • Accessibility, catering, content, format should be considered for all events/meetings
  • If possible, events should not clash with religious or national holidays
  • Speaker briefing to include awareness of our commitment to DEI
  • A carer can get a free ticket to event when they accompany the person they care for


Professional Registration, CPD & Training: 

  • Content and delivery of all courses are inclusive & appropriate
  • Assessors are given DEI and unconscious bias training
  • Professional Registration is promoted to underrepresented groups


Prizes & Awards: 

  • Prizes and awards are inclusive of everyone in our membership
  • Judging panels have had unconscious bias training and are aware of our DEI policy
  • Prizes and awards attract a diverse range of entrants (within scope)
  • Feedback including diversity & inclusion invited from candidates and judges


Communications, Marketing, Outreach & Engagement: 

  • All marketing & communications includes a diverse array of media (photos, videos etc)
  • Contributors & designers are informed of our commitment to DEI
  • All marketing & communication considers DEI in terms of its format (Dyslexia, font size, colour blindness)



  • Staff contracts include statement on expectations around behaviour and mention flexible working
  • DEI is an agenda topic in staff meetings at least annually
  • All employees are supported to develop the skills and abilities they require to carry out their current and any likely future role in the organisation. Equality of access for all staff to both training and development opportunities is key
  • There is an environment where everyone feels valued and is able to perform to their best potential.


Monitoring & Measuring: 

  • Report on DEI to committees and annually to our membership at the AGM
  • Compare DEI of membership with industry and other professional bodies at least every five years
  • Learn from what other companies in the water industry and other professional bodies are doing in terms of DEI
  • Provide a DEI report to members based on the DEI survey


Unconscious Bias :

  • The Institute of Water recognises unconscious bias, actively seeks to identify it and eliminate it from the decisions we make.

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