Second Membership with the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)

Second membership

Technician, Corporate and Fellow Members can benefit from a second membership with ICE at a very competitive rate. 

The Institute of Water and ICE have signed an agreement of cooperation which means members who take up the offer are able to access benefits that span both organisations, including events, professional development and publications. Members will have full access to all ICE facilities in the UK and abroad, online knowledge, the ICE Benevolent Fund and will be allowed to use the post-nominals AMICE. There will also be opportunities to contribute to knowledge sharing around all aspects of water management and an intention to work together to identify and address issues of importance to the sector and society. 

How it works 

ICE is offering Associate Membership (AMICE) to Institute of Water Technician, Corporate and Fellow Members, who are not currently members of ICE, at 50% of the regular AMICE fee paid in the UK. This is £107.75 as opposed to £215.50. 

IWater members who take up the offer will be invoiced by ICE at the time of joining (pro-rata, depending on when they join) and thereafter each October. 

To join as an AMICE, go to the ICE website.