Registration now open for next European Junior Water Programme

European Junior Water Programme (EJWP) begins its 3rd group on 14 June and registration is now open for junior water professionals.

EJWP empower young professionals for sustainable water management in Europe – through collaborative learning, networking, and coaching for personal & career development.

The European water sector needs to ensure continuous innovative leadership to adapt to climate impacts, new circular economies, digitalisation and a more diverse labour market. If you are you ready to invest in the future of water resources in Europe then why not join their 3rd group starting on 14 June!

Young water professionals are key to future adaptation – and EJWP supports their development. EJWP builds collaborative leadership capacities for sustainable solutions in water management. Through an integrated two-year, part-time development programme, EJWP guides young water professionals (with 2 – 8 years of sector experience) in developing key skills: network building, communication & diversity, technical advancements and more – to empower their careers and their social contributions.

They recognise that water and climate change impacts do not recognise political boundaries.

‘To be a water sector leader, you need not only local or regional knowledge, but also a strong connection with the sector globally. EJWP provides a broader working view of the actors, challenges and innovations of the European water sector. In an increasingly multicultural and shifting world, EJWP creates an enabling environment for early career professionals to develop beyond the tasks of their daily jobs, to work on cross-sectoral issues from a diversity-is-strength approach.’ Ioana Dobrescu, participant in EJWP Group 1, from Romania.

On 14 June, they will launch their 3rd international and interdisciplinary EJWP group.  See how their tailored programme can help individual young professionals and water-sector organisations combine essential human capital with technical expertise to manage complex water challenges in Europe and beyond.

Preview: You can join these online sessions to learn more about their programme:
18 February 2021, 16:00 CET  Webinar for employers / organisations in the water sector
25 February 2021, 10:00 CET  Online presentation and Q&A session for young professionals

Register at:

Contact Naomi Timmer for more details about how their dynamic and diverse community of water professionals can support development.

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