IW Welsh Area Innovation Awards 2020 – Announcement of Winners

The Welsh Area Committee were overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of excellent entries for this year’s Institute of Water Welsh Area Innovation Awards… and we are delighted to share with you this year’s winning entries!

  • Clever Data: Bretton Davis (Arup) & Redmond Jenkins (DCWW) – Predictive Pollution Reduction: Tackling Foul Sewer Pollution with Machine Learning
  • Collaborative Working: PestSmart Team (DCWW) – PestSmart: working collaboratively to control weeds, pests and diseases while looking after people, water & wildlife project
  • Ideas: Jack Huggins (Arup) & Redmond Jenkins (DCWW) – Virtual Asset Handover & Operation Training Tool
  • Market Adaption: Vyvyan Evans – “Sludge Bugs

 Overall winner:

  • Bretton Davis (Arup) & Redmond Jenkins (DCWW) – The Predictive Pollution Reduction project aims to prevent future environmental pollution events by advising a strategy for predictive maintenance by using machine learning and other data driven methods. By using data, the project aimed to provide an unbiased perspective on what causes environmental pollution and by using machine learning, identifying trends that human perspectives cannot see. Well done Bretton and Redmond!


“It’s great to have the recognition as a team and have the opportunity to develop initiatives such as this project, especially where we believe it can make a real difference to operational teams, our customers and the environment”. – Redmond Jenkins 


Presidents Awards: This goes to an innovation that has captured the imagination of the judges… the winner is Alun Griffiths for The Griffiths Bespoke Utility Vehicle! Their unique vehicle was specifically developed for the Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Repair and Maintenance Framework and comprises of a lighter commercial cab, which provides an enhanced driving experience and increases the load carry capacity, automatic gearbox, long-wheel base and reduced height of the overall chassis. The carbon emissions from the vehicle have been reduced, and the risk of manual handling has been eliminated. Well done Alun Griffiths!

CPD: Charlotte Rhodes – the judges were impressed with Charlotte’s achievements over the previous year and her forward looking goals to continue to develop her skills and knowledge.

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